15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney World in Orlando

You may have known that Disney World is the most amazing and mysterious place in the world. Still, there is indeed a lot you do not know about the park. From big, mysterious secrets to little unknown facts, we have unveiled several truths about the park that will surely amaze you!

Are you ready to ‘visit’ this American’s popular recreational park behind the scenes? You don’t have to be an enthusiast of the park. There is no doubt that this place has extraordinary things to learn. Let’s get started.

1. There are Secret Tunnels Everywhere

You probably have known that there are several secret tunnels almost in every part of the park. What you may not have realized is that the subways are actually above the ground. How and why? The Magic Kingdom has been built above the ground because Florida is just a few meters above the sea level. That means you can never dig down! So, the only option was to go up.

2. Hidden Mickeys

Are you a lover of eye test games? You will find Mickey’s head hidden in the entire park. The Mickey images or portraits can be seen on decor, buildings, furniture, and many areas. If you remain alert and your eyes are kept open, you can create a fantastic eye game.

3. Cinderella Castle has an unused area

Cinderella Castle is the most iconic recreation feature of the park. It holds only a gift shop and a restaurant. The great castle was built for Walt, but he passed on before its completion. That space has been turned into a hotel room that is not functional and mostly used for recreational purposes. It is impossible to spend a night there.

4. It isn’t located in Orlando

You probably believe that it is located in Orlando because that is what has been said. The truth is, a more substantial part of the park is located in Bay Lake City. However, Orlando, being the closest big city, is just a famous name hence memorable to many people. It is also a beautiful city worth your time whenever you visit the place.

5. It’s a self-governing city

Walt is a smart man. He planned to make the city independent from the counties. So, he appealed the Florida state legislature to set up a separate Creek Improvement District, which bestowed him self-governing permission to control the city within the borders of this area.

6. It’s the biggest single-site employer in the US

Disney World employs many people from different backgrounds, races, and traditions. The employees are part of the place hence referred to as members. They relate well with each other, and most of them can speak a variety of languages.

7. The brown bricks in Liberty Square signify poop

Walking through the Liberty Square, you’ll come across brown bricks pattern on your soles. The blocks represent the fresh poop found on the streets of Colonial America in the early days. Funny, right? Perhaps that’s why you won’t find any washrooms in Library Square!

8. No straws in the Animal Kingdom

You cant find straws or even cup lids in the animal’s world. Animals can be cheeky, and most of them can be in danger if they access these kinds of materials.

9. No chewing gums in park

You will never find any chewing gum sold within site. It’s is part of the plan to keep all the environment and surfaces free from any mess. If you have to chew, pack your chewing gum!

10. It’s one of the cleanest places in the world

You would probably expect such a busy place to be untidy. That isn’t the case. Everything in the park is kept sparkling clean. Besides, there are trash bins every few meters. Walt came up with the idea after realizing that people tend to drop trash anyhow after some time.

11. It has many rooms

It would take you decades to stay in all visitor compartments in the place. If you decide to spend in 1 guest room per night, you need over 68 years to stay in each room. It has over 30000 guest rooms!

12. The Magic Kingdom Park is larger than Disneyland

The Disney Magic Kingdom covers over 142 acres compared to the Disneyland situated in Anaheim, which covers a mere 85 acres.

13. The tree of life was created over an oil rig

The tree of life at the Animal Kingdom was developed over a well-fitted oil outfit. The human-made tree is covered with thousands of leaves with concrete made trunk.

14. Special Scented Devices

There are a variety of device categories called scentillizers found in almost every part of the park. These devices spew aromas in specific areas to match the surroundings. For instance, you can feel the smell of fresh vanilla around the main street in the area.

15. The park is always open

The adventurous park has closed only five times since 1971 grand opening. It closed during the Hurricane Floyd of 1999. The next closure was when there was a terror attack on 9/11 and third during the power outage of 2002. The fourth one was during Hurricane Mathew in 2006 and, of course, the recent closure due to the covid-19 pandemic.

There is much more to learn about this adventurous world, and the list can be endless. However, the facts mentioned above are some of the most extraordinary realities of the park. Probably, you have discovered some of the Things Your Didn’t Know about the park.