Celebrate Mom In A New, Fun Way With One Of These 6 Ideas

Mother’s Day is a time for children of all ages to show their appreciation for the women who raised them. Some folks may live far away and are unable to be together. For many others, the coronavirus pandemic has made in-person gatherings risky. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the holiday in a meaningful way. You can celebrate mom in a new, fun way with one of these ideas.

1. Say “I Love You” with Food

Food is a wonderful way to show your love. If you live nearby, why not offer to cook for your mother? She can put her feet up while you toil away in the kitchen or you could drop off a basket on her doorstep if you’re staying socially distanced. For those families who don’t live nearby, why not set up a virtual brunch date? You can arrange to cook the same meal and meet up over Zoom to enjoy the morning together.

2. Watch a Movie or Show

Speaking of virtual dates, you can always binge your favorite show together or catch that movie you’ve both been wanting to see. Watch parties let loved ones view media programs simultaneously while apart. Services like Netflix offer this feature so that viewers can enjoy a virtual experience together, with the ability to share comments online.

3. Head Outdoors

For those who live in close proximity, an outdoor activity could be a way to get together with less risk. There are lots of ways to enjoy Mother’s Day in central Florida outside. A picnic at your favorite park or outdoor setting is always a good option. Drop your picnic basket off at mom’s door if you’re not seeing each other in person. You could find a nice trail to explore or even fly a kite like you did when you were small.

4. Enjoy a Virtual Tour

These days, there are so many wonderful online options for learning and exploring something new. Museums, cultural centers, theaters, and tourist bureaus are setting up virtual tours and performances for people around the world to enjoy. If there’s somewhere you and your mom have always wanted to travel, perhaps you can go there virtually this Mother’s Day.

5. Give the Gift of Flowers

Flowers have long been a beloved Mother’s Day gift. A bouquet can brighten nearly anyone’s day. If your mom is a flower lover, send her a big bouquet or beautiful plant. Drive by and leave them on her porch if you’re local. While you’re there, you might even consider decorating her door with bright streamers, balloons, and signs to add even more festivity to her day.

6. Offer Home Services

Moms could always use a little help around the house. Give her a gift certificate for your cleaning or yard services if you can get to her home. Otherwise, your mother might appreciate a visit from a professional helper.

Hopefully, you’ve found these ideas helpful. Maybe there’s one that’s perfect for your mom or perhaps the list provided inspiration for your own perfect Mother’s Day gift.