20 Tasty Recipes To Make For Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving counts as a favorite holiday for many people. Indeed, how could it not be? It’s a holiday where all your favorite festive recipes for fall, like savory turkey, sweet potato casserole and delectable green beans, all make an appearance. It’s not that far away, so it’s likely that you’ve started planning your feast. However, if you need just a few more suggestions, we think the dishes on this list may just spark your imagination.

1. Roast Turkey

For most people, the turkey plays a central role in Thanksgiving dinner, and why not? Most turkeys are large enough to feed a crowd more than once. The meat is also mild, making it good meat to dress up with spices or to serve plain, depending on what your guests love.

2. Sweet Potato Casserole

Some Thanksgiving dishes have the best kind of identity crisis: In other words, they don’t know if they’re dinner or dessert. That’s why we love them so much. Chief on this list for this type of recipe is the classic sweet potato casserole. With its mix up sweet and butter mashed sweet potatoes (or yams) and a delicious pecan topping, this dish is good enough to eat for dinner and dessert.

3. Cranberry Sauce

As far as festive recipes for fall go, it’s hard to beat cranberries. These sweet and tangy berries come into season in the fall, which is why they always seem to make an appearance come Thanksgiving. They’re also versatile, making them an excellent side for your turkey or delish enough to eat on their own.

4. Green Bean Casserole

Few dishes are as popular at Thanksgiving than green bean casserole. It seems that everyone has at least one recipe for this perennial favorite, which combines comfort foods, like green beans, cream of mushroom soup and crunch onions. Mmmm…

5. Stuffing With Sausage and Herbs

Chances are that stuffing will get more than one entry on this list, given how many different recipes there are for this Thanksgiving staple. This particular stuffing recipe features herbs and sausage for a bit of a spicy nip and then some Granny Smith apples for a tasty surprise you won’t soon forget.

6. Classic Stuffing

If sausage and apples aren’t your cup of cider, then you may want to give this classic stuffing recipe a try. It features everything you come to associate with a classic Thanksgiving stuffing, including real bits of cubed bread and just enough celery and other veggies to make it savory.

7. Thanksgiving Gravy

Pretty much everything is going to taste better this Thanksgiving if you top it with this simple gravy recipe for Thanksgiving. Trust us.

8. Mashed Potatoes

Not that you’ve got an excellent gravy recipe, you must have a yummy mashed potato recipe to go with it. This tasty recipe for Thanksgiving is so yummy, we won’t blame you if you skip everything but the mashed potatoes and gravy this year.

9. Mac and Cheese

The beauty of serving macaroni and cheese this holiday season is that pretty much everyone likes it. For adults, it’s a delicious side dish for their turkey. For kids, it’s the main event.

10. Dinner Rolls

It’s hard to say what’s going to make your home smell better this Thanksgiving: your turkey or this delicious dinner roll recipe.

11. Yams or Sweet Potatoes With Cinnamon and Honey

Sweet potatoes or yams taste great in casseroles. They’re also a crowd-pleaser when they’re served up in a simple manner, like these cinnamon and honey-sweet potatoes.

12. Cornbread Stuffing

Yet another reason why stuffing wins the night. This cornbread stuffing is a nice alternative to the standard bread stuffing.

13. Squash Soup

When it’s cold outside, few things will warm you up as well as this butternut squash soup flavored with butter and sautéed onions.

14. Turkey Breast With Herbs

If your Thanksgiving crowd will be on the small side this year, try this turkey breast recipe with herbs. It’s a nice way to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal without having to cook the whole bird.

15. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

This roasted Brussels sprouts recipe gives your holiday table a bit of veggie green. It’s simple and delicious.

16. Thanksgiving Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a nice all-around dessert due to its versatility. Dressed down without toppings, it’s delicious. Dressed up with toppings, it’s delicious. Hard to beat no matter how you slice it.

17. Festive Thanksgiving Cake

If you have guests who’d prefer to have something besides pie for dessert, there’s this sweet turkey-shaped cake.

18. Apple Pie

Tangy fall apples, a crispy fresh crust, and a dollop of vanilla ice cream bring this fall favorite to life this Thanksgiving.

19. Pecan Pie

There’s no doubt about it: Thanksgiving is definitely a pie holiday. Few holiday pies taste as delish as this pecan pie will post-Thanksgiving dinner.

20. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin is another fruit that comes into season in the fall, and thank goodness for that. What would Thanksgiving be without this favorite pie recipe on the table?

That’s it from all of us to all of you! May your fall holiday season be filled with family, friends and more tasty recipes for Thanksgiving than one day can handle.