24 Things To Do With Your Family At Home This Weekend

If you suddenly have been given a lot of extra time in a house with your family, it is good to have a mega-list of things that you can do at home together. The real estate experts Shrouder Brothers from Central Florida made a list of 24 activities for you and your family that will give you some ideas and will help to avoid boredom this weekend. 


1. Have a costume night

Host a party where each family member has to dress up in a costume. You can even organize a themed party by choosing certain movie characters or time era. Try to use items and supplies you have at home to make your costumes simple yet creative.


2. Have an indoor picnic

Set out a basket of food and a blanket as though you were having a picnic in a park. Turn on the natural sounds of birds and wilderness to create a suitable atmosphere. 


3. Have a scavenger hunt

Everyone loves hunting for hidden treasures. Prepare a list of things that need to be found and give each family member a copy. You can hide things both inside a house and outside around the backyard. 


4. Organize a movie night

You probably have a list of movies you wanna watch. Pick a family movie everyone would enjoy, make plenty of popcorn and snacks, and have fun together. 


5. Play board games

Board games are a great way to spend time together, communicate, and interact. Just go to the local store a find a game that appeals most to the taste of your family members. 


6. Have a karaoke night

Everyone loves to sing – even those who might not have a singing voice. Karaoke night is always full of fun, laughter, and joy. So, use it for combating boredom and cheering up. 


7. Do a puzzle

If you are thinking of a calming activity, doing a puzzle is a great idea. You can spend houses finding the right pieces. The best part about this activity is seeing the final product. 


8. Do a family yoga

Yoga is a great activity helping you to stay healthy and relaxed. Find videos online and do a yoga class together. If you haven’t done yoga before, make sure you choose something easy.


9. Have a BBQ

Are you tired of regular and boring dinners? Then have a family BBQ party in the backyard. After having a delicious meal, you can gather around a campfire and tell scary stories. 


10. Make a scrapbook

Choose family pictures from different events and create your own family story. Everyone can make their own scrapbook, and then present it to each other. 


11. Have a spa night

Turn on relaxing music, light candles, and create a spa atmosphere. You can do facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures. 


12. Lego night

You can build great things with Lego and create huge projects. Let yourself be creative, letting the kid in you come out. 


13. Make jewelry

Visit the local craft store and get all the necessary tools and supplies. Watch tutorials online on how to make bracelets, earrings, and other beautiful accessories. 


15. Make pizza

Buy pizza ingredients in a store, make a dough, and let yourself be creative. Let each family member come up with their own pizza recipe. When pizzas are ready, have a delicious family dinner


15. Stargazing

Get a blanket, make hot chocolate, and gather in the backyard to look at the night sky. Discuss the stars you’ll be seeing and their characteristics. 


16. Have a dance party

Dancing is a great way to stay active without leaving a house. Use different supplies from a party store to make a dancing night more fun. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and just dance together!


17. Create a family video

You can either interview each other or tell a story. If want to make it more fun, record each other singing a song or performing a dance. 


18. Organize a talent show

Ask each family member to participate in a talent show and demonstrate their talents. You’ll definitely laugh a lot and enjoy each of the performances. Do not forget about the prizes for all participants


19. Create a time capsule

Make a time capsule together consisting of photos, personal items, notes, and letters. Seal your capsule and write on it the date when you will open it in the future. 


20. Painting or drawing night

Pick a theme and draw or paint together. The ideas are countless: dream house, favorite activity, family portrait, self-portrait, and others. 


21. Truth or dare

Play this popular game together and have fun. The questions are a perfect way to interact, get close and laugh. 


22. Play bingo

Bingo is a great group activity suitable for all ages. There are plenty of printable bingo games available online. 


23. Explore old photo albums

Take out some old family albums and look at the pictures together. Tell stories about your favorite photos and people on the pictures.


24. Create a vision board

This activity is a great way to bring more motivation and inspiration to your home. Let each member participate and add ideas to your common family board. Then, hang it on the wall and keep reviewing it from time to time. 


The Shrouder Brothers, real estate experts from Central Florida, hope that these ideas will help you make your weekend at home more fun. enjoyable, and interactive.