4 Things You Need To Do To Increase Curb Appeal During Coronavirus

When it comes to improving the overall resale value of your home, there is one place that you should never neglect, the exterior of your home, or more commonly referred to as “curb appeal”. This is a place where you can easily make upgrades that will give a buyer a great impression. Here are 4 things you need to do to increase curb appeal during Coronavirus.


1. Keep Your Lawn Mowed and Trimmed

Perhaps the most obvious way to improve curb appeal during Covid-19 is to make sure that your front lawn stays neatly mowed and trimmed. This also goes for your backyard. But your front lawn is the first part of your property that a potential buyer will see when they exit their vehicle. It makes sense to give them the best first impression.

Always mow your lawn as soon as possible before receiving a scheduled visit from a potential buyer. This will give you the impetus you need to make it neat and uniform. You can also seize this opportunity to take care of any brown or patchy spots in your lawn. Seed them over so that every bit of it is nicely fresh, healthy, and green.


2. Tidy Up Your Front Pavement

If you want to take the definition of curb appeal in the literal sense, it will mean making a timely upgrade to your front pavement, driveway, and walkway. You can start by checking out the condition of your front sidewalk and garden path. If there are cracks in the concrete, you can quickly fill them in and smooth them over. If your driveway needs a bit of touching up, you can also arrange to have this done. These are upgrades that don’t cost much to do but will surely raise your home value.


3. Use Exterior Lighting to Liven Up Your Night View

Some potential buyers won’t have the time to view your home during the day. For this reason, you will need to pay a fair bit of attention to the appearance that your home presents during the night time hours. You don’t want a first-time visitor pulling up to a dark, unfriendly looking home. Exterior lighting is the key to avoid this issue.

Adding exterior lighting to your home is a great way to make your home look a great deal more friendly and inviting during the night. It’s also a great way to keep uninvited guests, such as burglars and the like, away from your property.


4. Keep Your Garage in Good Shape

Another area that you need to think about when selling your home is the garage. This may be the place where you keep your cars and little else. But it may also be a place that a potential buyer will regard as a major source of appeal.

You want to make sure that they get to see an area that is clean, tidy, and ready to store their belongings. Take the time to clean up your garage, move all of your own stuff out, and give it a shiny, fresh, and inviting appearance.


The Time to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal is Now

There is no time like now for you to get started on planning a major upgrade to your present level of curb appeal. This is a change that you need to make in order to raise the total resale value of your home. It will help you to make the maximum positive first impression on a potential buyer.