7 Fun Trunk Or Treat Halloween Ideas 2021

That’s right – your eyeballs did not deceive. Below you will find some TRUNK-or-Treat ideas for coordinating family costumes with that of your vehicle! Many communities have taken to gathering in parking lots, taking their Halloween show of costumes and goodies to a central location. This makes life easier for many and it’s a new way to enjoy an old tradition. Just step out of your vehicle and TRUNK-or-Treat to your GOULISH hearts’ content.

1. Gumball Machine

This is one of the easiest ideas. The main feature is all the “gumballs” (balloons) you can inflate. Open up the trunk of your car and fill it with colorful balloons. You might choose real gumballs for the main treat you hand out. Colorful garb for all will complete your look.

2. Angry Birds

This is another of the more simple ways to decorate your vehicle. Any artist in your family can draw colorful Angry Birds on cardboard or poster board and place them around your TRUNK-or-Treat area. Kickballs or other balls (or balloons) can be used for the pigs.

3. A Hungry Creature

Open up your trunk and lay out a blanket, sheet, or another large piece of material. Attach it inside your trunk and have it flowing out as far as it can to look like a gigantic tongue. Anchor it on the ground with bags of TRUNK-or-Treat goodies. Add to the creepy aspect with big teeth hanging down from the top of the trunk and eyeballs on the trunk lid.

4. Sweet Shop

Your TRUNK-or-Treat Sweet Shop can be open for business as easy as putting some small shelves either in your car’s trunk or sitting right outside. Fill each shelf with goodies of all kinds. Bags of wrapped candy are probably the way to go if you don’t know your neighbors too well. If you are all close, homemade goodies like popcorn balls, cookies, cake pops, and other not-from-the-store items can be given out.

5. Hogwarts

Harry Potter fans unite with this offering of Halloween treats from a scene right out of their favorite stories. Fill your trunk with LED candles, stuffed owls, Harry Potter books, and dangling spiders, all to make for a night full of excitement for kids of all ages.

6. Circus

Come one, come all, to one of the greatest shows you will see on Halloween! Your family artist is called into service to draw the red and white striped big top. Matching paper bags can hold popcorn or other delectable treats for those who pass through. Even the littlest TRUNK-or-treaters will have a roaring good time dressing up like circus animals.

7. The Addams Family

A full moon hanging in your trunk and some fall leaves blowing in the hauntingly eerie breeze will make all visitors to your treat station feel like something is about to happen. String up some spiders and webs and you have a haunted mansion ready for Halloween. Your family’s own version of the Addams family will make it complete.

We hope you agree that this twist on carting the kids around from one bowl of treats to the next on Halloween in Central Florida has never been so SPOOK-tacular! It’s good fun for the whole family while enjoying the creative spirits of everyone involved.