Best Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress During The Selling Process

Selling a home gets stressful. You need to adjust your home to make it sellable, find a buyer, and move into a new house. Things get even more stressful when you find yourself under a time crunch. Stress will only lead to physical problems and rushed decisions that you may regret later. You need to manage the stress to keep your head right. Here are some tips on how to best reduce stress during the selling process.

1. Incentivize Cash Offers

Cash makes things simple. However, most potential buyers won’t have cash readily available. Most buyers need to secure a loan. When a buyer uses a loan, you need to add some extra steps to the process, prolonging the transaction. You also need to hope the buyer actually gets the loan. Basically, loans add to the stress.

If someone gives you a cash offer, great! To encourage more people to provide a cash offer, give the buyer a discount for convenience. You can also include in your ad that you prefer cash.

2. Pick The Right Realtor

The right realtor will handle as many details as possible to take some weight off your shoulders. Talk to potential realtors about expectations so that you know which ones will go the extra mile to make your life a little bit easier. The more hands-on and proactive the realtor, the less you will have to do and worry about yourself. Get the most out of the commission you will have to pay.

3. Make Time

Selling a house takes a lot of time. Go into the adventure knowing that you will need to make time in your schedule for it. Schedule meetings with the realtor, and schedule time to get your house in tip-top shape. Update your home and get it ready early, so you won’t have too much to do when someone wants to see it. Finally, make time in your schedule for showings. When you schedule things properly, you won’t feel so overwhelmed. However, do your best to accommodate last-minute showings or meetings that can lead to a sale.

4. Stay Healthy

How you treat your body and your mind factors into how you handle stress. Start small by eating better and exercising a couple of times a week. Getting healthy on the inside will give you more energy and focus, so you can tackle your added responsibilities.

You should also make a point to take care of your mental health. Meditate and visit a therapist to help you learn stress management techniques and reactions.


Selling a house can get stressful, but it usually ends up worth it in the end. When you sell your house and move into your next home, you will get the chance to relax and enjoy the results.