Business Spotlight: Etoile Boutique

If you’re exploring things to do in Central Florida, shopping vintage is IN from fashion to furnishings. That’s great news for area residents intent on a home makeover or wanting to cultivate a new personal look. And yes, you can treat yourself to a style makeover that looks like a million without blowing your budget.

One hotspot for vintage and retro treasure hunting on the local scene is Etoile Boutique. They procure men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, home decor, and other desirable items from the 1950s to the 1990s; that’s their sweet spot. Vintage items exude warmth, history, mystery, character, nostalgia, patina, and the glamour of bygone eras. Whether you get an item for a steal or splurge, it’s a thrill to invest in a stylish item from an era when things were made to last.

Etoile arranges their home furnishing area to be warm, cozy, ambient, and inviting; you’ll almost want to settle in and read a book, a statement of their design savvy. It also generates ideas for your own home decorating. Notice the imaginative craftsmanship and ingenuity, from Mid-Century Modern to Bohemian, peruse a hodgepodge of enduring pieces to create a style that’s all your own. Considering mass production and throwaway fashion are the most polluting (and financially wasteful) industries, second only to oil. Thrift shopping is more planet sustainable and a gentler, kinder way to shop, a top priority for today’s Earth dwellers.

While people of all ages appreciate the timeless beauty of vintage, Millennials and Gen Z are embracing the uniqueness and rarity of vintage items that make these treasures more intriguing and desirable. Vintage treasures celebrate individuality and self-expression. So treat yourself or thrift a housewarming gift to someone special. An Etoile e-Gift Card is a great way to give them exactly what they LOVE. Plus, researching the history of rare one-of-a-kind finds is fun!

Besides vintage and retro, Etoile features handmade jewelry, body care products, upcycled, and modern goods, providing retail opportunities for independent designers, artisans, and local makers. Think your creations would make a great fit with the shop? Contact Etoile. Etoile offers a great way to Shop Small with more tax dollars benefiting the local community.

Shop services also include wardrobe rentals for photo shoots, props, and staging to create a vibe.

Oh, when looking for exciting things to do in Central Florida, look forward to Etoile’s fun events, providing opportunities to bring the community together.

Etoile’s inventory changes quickly so check in every couple of weeks for new goods; their talented buyer has a great eye. If you’re seeking a scarce, hard-to-find treasure, provide the shop with your contact info; with any luck, perhaps the buyer can locate the item through their network of contacts and resources.

Thrift shopping is taking the country by storm and it’s a lifestyle that’s here to stay. So when looking for enjoyable things to do in Central Florida, invite the past into your life with vintage therapy that’s great for you and the planet.