Don’t Do These 5 Things When Buying A Home Unseen

Buying a home without seeing it first may seem like quite the gamble. However, circumstances such as the worldwide coronavirus pandemic may make such purchases necessary. It is possible to buy a property sight unseen. It simply requires a shift from more traditional house-hunting strategies. Keep these tips in mind when buying a home unseen.

1. Asking the Wrong Questions

Asking questions is always necessary when house hunting. It’s even more pertinent when you’re not able to see the property in person. That’s why it’s essential to prepare a list of questions for your realtor in advance. Check them off, and don’t hesitate to ask anything else that comes to mind. The more information you have, the better decision you will be able to make.

2. Failing to Research the Best Agent

When buying a home sight unseen, it’s absolutely crucial you have a trusted professional on your side. Your real estate agent will be your eyes and ears while conducting your search, so you’ll need to depend on their input greatly. Take time to research agents thoroughly and ask for referrals to help guide your choice.

3. Forgetting to Use Technology

When looking at homes for sale in St. Cloud, especially sight unseen, you’ll need to use every resource at your disposal. There are lots of technological tools these days that can give you a clearer view of the homes you’re most interested in. Always take advantage of such options as online property listings, 3D tours, FaceTime, and Google Street View. They will allow you to see every aspect of the house, almost as though you were there.

4. Not Looking at the Floor Plans

Another sometimes forgotten resource that is incredibly useful in the home search is the property’s floor plans. A floor plan lets you see the layout and imagine whether it is suitable for your lifestyle. When the floor plan isn’t available, your agent can provide you with the measurements and a drawing of the basic layout. Online tools like can help you to better visualize things.

5. Skipping Appraisal and Home Inspection

An appraisal is usually necessary when obtaining financing for your new home. Even if you don’t need one, this tool can be beneficial when buying a home you haven’t seen. Knowing the appraised value of your home can reinforce the fact that you’re making a sound investment. A home inspection will also provide peace of mind so that you’re aware upfront of any potential problems with the property.

These tips should make buying a home sight unseen much easier. Making an informed buying decision is even more crucial when you’re unable to see the property for yourself. Hopefully, you now feel a bit more secure moving forward.