Dress Up for These 5-Star Restaurants in Orlando Area

Most people are always aware that Orlando, Florida is a destination for families who are looking to spend some time together making memories that will last a lifetime. It’s hardly a secret that some of the most famous tourist stops are a short drive away from Orlando hotels. However, there’s more to one of the most historical cities in Florida than theme parks and hotels. There’s plenty of fine dining experiences that you need to check out the next time you’re in town. Here’s a look at five of our favorites.


Chatham’s Place

If you’re eating in Orlando, you owe it to yourself to swing by Chatham’s Place. This five-star restaurant has been a mainstay in the Orlando food scene since it opened in 1988. It’s rare for any restaurant to boast that sort of staying power, especially in a market as competitive as this one. So many of the fine dining stops in Orlando are hotel-based or chain options, but Chatham’s Place is a truly independently owned eatery that offers something that everyone will enjoy on your next trip to Orlando.


Chef’s Table at the Edgewater

When most people hear the term “fine dining” they immediately think “outrageously expensive.” Chef’s Table at the Edgewater takes that concept, pitches it out the window, and offers an immaculate three-course dinner for $59. Located inside the Edgewater Hotel, the Chef’s Table is one of the best-kept secrets in town, but the secret is quickly getting out. If the restaurant is too busy for your liking, make sure you check out the Tasting Room located right next door. This spin-off of Chef’s Table offers small plates and cocktails that will still satisfy your craving.


Ocean Prime

The Ocean Prime in Orlando is one part of the Ocean Prime chain that can be found in multiple cities around the nation. However, it’s our favorite. You will want to carve out a pretty good chunk of your day when making your plans to come here, as dinner can last for about three hours when you choose to eat at Ocean Prime. The steaks are legendary, you’ll have your choice of seafood when building your surf-and-turf dinner, but the 10-layer carrot cake is one of the most famous dishes on the menu. Ocean Prime has also long been heralded for it’s expansive and delicious wine and liquor list that pairs with every dish on the menu.


Urbain 40

Urbain 40 launched in 2015 and has been wowing guests since the doors opened the first time. Guests have always been impressed with the versatile menu and the 1940’s style of this five-star restaurant. Not only does the kitchen staff at Urbain 40 elevate traditional dishes such as mussels into mouth-watering options that will change the way you feel about these staples, the live music that is offered every night enhances the atmosphere exponentially. The food, the music, and the atmosphere make Urbain 40 one of our favorite spots to eat in Orlando.


Victoria & Albert’s

We know there’s a good chance that if you’re in Orlando you’re going to visit Disney. Fortunately, there are options for those with refined taste found right in the park. The prix-fixe, seven-course meal found in Victoria & Albert’s makes it worth the fact that there is a dress code to even be allowed in the restaurant. While dining here is an experience without taking any extra steps, guests who want to elevate the mystique can try to get a spot at the Chef’s Table, where they can dine beside the chef and learn the inner workings of a AAA Five-Diamond Restaurant. Those guests get access to up to 14 courses. While this is certainly not a cheap option, it is one of the best Orlando 5 star restaurants.


If you’re looking for a dining experience that you and those closest to you will be still be talking about years from now, these are just a few of the excellent choices that can be found right here in Orlando, Florida.