How To Throw An Epic Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re a football fanatic or you enjoy watching the commercials, the Super Bowl is a popular event when many people get together to watch the biggest game of the year. Most people attend a party where they can root for their favorite team with other fans. If you want to throw an epic super bowl party this season, there are a few steps to take to make in an epic event.

Prepare the Right Dips

The dip is a staple at Super Bowl parties because it’s easy to serve and feed to a large group of guests. There are a variety of dips available to make to ensure you can accommodate your hungry guests. Cheesy dips pair well with chips for homemade nachos that are a traditional food to eat while watching sports. Place out olives and jalapenos for added toppings. You can also find a five-layer bean dip recipe to make, which includes sour cream, guacamole, cheese, beans, and tomatoes. Pizza dip will also prove to be a hit and can be customized with the toppings that are included. Warm mozzarella sticks make the perfect pairing. Offering a vegan dip will also accommodate any guests with special dietary needs.


Use Mini Flags

Make it easy to identify who everyone is cheering for to ensure that each person can take a side. Provide everyone with a flag that represents the team that they favor, which they can wave in the air when their team has a touchdown. Whistles can also be used, which will contribute to the noise and the energy at the party. 

Use a Projection Screen

The game won’t be as exciting or as easy to view if you’re watching it on a 14-inch television screen. Opt for using a projection screen, which will allow you to select how large you want the game to be broadcasted onto a wall our screen in your home. You can also use a projection screen outdoors if you have a large group of people at your home.

Rate the Commercials

The commercials are one of the main highlights of the Super Bowl and are often years in the making. Expect to see some of your favorite celebrities advertising everything from credit cards to aftershave. Keep everyone watching the game by getting your guests to rate the commercials depending on how creative, funny, and humorous they are during the party. You can even make a game out of it by using a bingo board that has the name of different companies in the boxes. Give a prize to the person that guesses the most companies that had ads during the Super Bowl.

Create a Snack Station

Snacks are one of the main reasons that your guests will arrive to watch the game. Expect your family members and friends to arrive hungrily, which makes it necessary to set up a snack station where they can munch on their favorite treats. From chicken wings to potato skin, there are many types of traditional Super Bowl foods to prepare to ensure everyone can come and go to the station as they watch the game. Additional foods to make include smoked gouda jalapeno poppers, oven-fried onion rings, soft pretzels, pork sliders, and pizza pockets. The sides are filling options that will leave your guests coming back for seconds. You also can’t go wrong with serving a cake or a cheese ball that is decorated to look like a football.

Hosting pot luck is an option where you can request that your guests bring their favorite dish to ensure you have a versatile menu. Finger foods and small bites are ideal to pair with the main course like pizza or chili.

Use a Keg

The beer that is available will be one of the main parts of your Super Bowl party that allows your guests to have a good time. If the beer runs out, you can expect some people to leave early once the game ends. Stock up on a keg or a mini keg, depending on the number of people you’re expecting. You can also serve craft beer since it’s a special occasion.

Non-alcoholic beverages should also be available. Stock up on options like soda, water, and punch.


Every party needs a few decorations to set the theme of the event and tie everything together. Consider using the colors of the football team that everyone is rooting for, especially if it’s your home team. If your guests have different teams that they want to win, then decorate with the colors of both teams in the main area where the game will be watched. Streamers, flags, and balloons will set the theme. Decorating with footballs, helmets, and black and white stripes to represent the referee will also work well and can make your guests even more excited about the big game.


If you need a bigger place for next year’s party, give me a call. I’d love to discuss your options and see how we can make you the “entertainer” of the year.