St. Cloud Favorites: LIME Fresh Mexican Grill

Whether you are new to Florida or just looking to expand your list of favorite hot spots, you can’t go wrong with finding one of the best restaurants in St. Cloud. LIME Fresh Mexican Grill started with just a little taco shop on the beach. Thanks to their local popularity, they’ve been able to expand their menu over the past 15 years. Now, you can enjoy more delicious options that include everything from fajitas to margaritas along with these amazing services that will turn this into one of your go-to restaurants.

Fill Up On Fresh Food and Naturally Sourced Ingredients

If you were to walk into the kitchen here, you wouldn’t find a freezer full of pre-seasoned meat. Instead, you’d be surprised at just how fast the cooks can turn fresh ingredients into delicious meals. One of the reasons why LIME Fresh has built a reputation for being one of the best places to eat in St. Cloud is that they look for locally sourced ingredients. This gives you the freshest peppers, the tenderest steak, and the crispest lettuce to make each plate tantalize your taste buds.


Spice Up Your Next Fiesta With Customized Catering

Once you’ve discovered this Florida gem, you’ll want to share it with everyone. LIME’s catering menu is extensive, and you can set up a taco bar for your next fiesta. Or, you can put together individual meals of burritos, rice bowls, or quesadillas for your next big corporate meeting. Either way, you’ll love being able to customize the menu. You can add and subtract ingredients such as onions while picking out your favorite sides so that feeding your guests is easy.


Enjoy Easy Online Ordering and Contactless Payments

Are you short on time? Online ordering makes life super simple. You can use the app or visit the website to make an order for take-out within just a few minutes. The restaurant also offers the option of contactless payments so that you can get up and go as soon as you’re done enjoying your meal or practice social distancing as you travel. The restaurant’s commitment to seamless service stands out along with its staff’s friendly smiles.


Get More Rewards With the LIME App

It’s not every day that you get rewarded for being a regular. The LIME App is an innovative way that the restaurant reaches out to customers to say thanks. You’ll earn points for each dollar you spend on your meal, which adds up to money off your future orders. They even honor your birthday with free queso, which adds a special touch to your celebratory meal. Then, they add on even more rewards, such as double point days, that make it seem like a no-brainer to hit your new favorite hot spot for lunch or dinner on a busy day.


The concept behind LIME Fresh’s popularity is simple. Serve real food made from scratch in a restaurant filled with a festive ambiance, and people will come. The best part is being treated like a regular whether it is your first or thousandth time walking through the doors.