Top 10 Home Improvements To Knock Out This Summer

If you’re like most people, then you probably have a long list of home improvements that you want to tackle in the summertime. However, you probably also wonder which improvements are going to be the most beneficial in the long run. Well, wonder no more. The following 10 improvements will either add value to your home if you want to sell it eventually or increase the pleasure you get out of your home while you’re still in it.


1. Replace the Entry Door

According to an article on the Consumer Affairs website, replacing your front door with a steel front door is one home renovation with a more than a respectable return on investment. If you invest in $2,000 or so in a new door, you’ll recoup at least 75% of that cost when (and if) you sell your home. You’ll also improve your home’s curb appeal, which means you’re more likely to attract buyers if you do want to sell.


2. Wallpaper for Pop!

It’s likely that you don’t think much about what your closet’s interior looks like during the summer. You’re too busy enjoying the weather. However, come winter, you’re all too aware of how drab your closet starts to look as the colder, darker days set in. Why not add a bit of wallpaper to the interior of your closet to liven up this space? It’ll be like giving yourself a gift in the summertime that you’ll really appreciate in the winter.


3. Create an Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms allow you to enjoy the warmth of the season and the beauty of the growing flowers and shrubs. They also give you some extra entertaining space because they can potentially extend the reach of other rooms in the house, like the kitchen or den. 

If you want your outdoor space to look like it’s an extension of the interior, be sure to choose color and pattern schemes that match the interior room you want to extend. For example, if your indoor kitchen has rust-colored paint on the walls, add rust-colored accents to your outdoor kitchen.

The ROI is more than decent, too. After doing some research, we found that if you spend $14,000 on an outdoor kitchen, you’ll get at least $10,000 back in ROI. 


4. Replace the Garage Door

Here’s another one of those home improvements with a hefty ROI. Replacing your garage door will cost you around $2,500 or so. However, you’ll get about 85% of that money back come sale time. 


5. Repair the Roof

Your roof keeps the elements out, come rain or shine. If you live in an area where there is particularly heavy snowfall, then this is particularly true. As such, you want to take care of your roof repairs when the summertime rolls around so that come winter you don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your roof.


6. Deck and Fence Repair

Your deck and your fence are two more features of your home that take a beating due to the elements. This summer, do these home features both a favor by repairing any damaged areas and then restaining the whole structure to make it weather-ready all year round.


7. Pamper Your Pantry

If there is one thing that the events of 2020 have shown us, it’s that it’s good to have a fully-stocked pantry. On a similar note, it’s also good to have a pantry that can handle some extra dried and canned goods. When the months warm-up, go through your pantry and reinforce the shelves, create a container system for dried goods and then start stocking it each week with the staples you use the most.


8. Power Wash

The snows of winter and the rains of spring can leave your driveway and your siding looking tired and splattered. Bring these home features back to life with a good power washing. 


9. Paint the Exterior

Painting your home’s exterior gives your home more curb appeal. What’s even better is that compared to some repairs, it doesn’t even cost much. However, the payback you get come sale time can be so worth the money.


10. Repair the Concrete

Erosion takes its toll on your driveway’s and patio’s concrete. As a result, these home elements can be filled with cracks and chips once the warm weather rolls around. Take the time to fill in the cracks in the concrete to give it a longer life.


Final Thoughts

Your home protects you from the elements. It’s where you build memories with friends and family, and of equal importance, it’s one of your biggest investments. As such, the home improvements you undertake this summer can not only add to your home’s value but they can also add to your personal happiness for many years to come.