Top 5 Pizza Spots That You Have To Stop In And Try In Central Florida

Central Florida is home to many great things. Famous for notable theme parks like Universal Studios, Seaworld, and Disney World. And professional sports teams, such as the Orlando Magic and Orlando City Soccer. Prestigious education is an option too, with many institutions to choose from. Amenities like these naturally draw people to visit from all walks of life. While there, it is imperative to indulge in some delicious grub. Luckily, we have gathered the top 5 pizza spots that you have to stop in and try in central Florida.

Pizza spots you must try in central Florida, from fifth place, to first. The number five spot is claimed by Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. As stated by the founder, Anthony’s prides itself on serving supreme ingredients at an affordable price. Its inclusive menu lists vegetarian-friendly eats, along with gluten-free and vegan options. It is located in Orlando, Florida; about 2.7 miles from Seaworld.

Number 4 on the list of top 5 pizza spots that you have to stop in and try in central Florida is Flippers Pizzeria, also placed in Orlando, Florida. Just a short drive from Walt Disney World Resort, Flippers Pizzeria is a crowd favorite that is one of fifteen total locations. Known for delicious food and ambiance, including vegan and gluten-free options, while maintaining a vegetarian-friendly menu.

Blaze Pizza sits down the street with plenty of vegan options consisting of vegan cheese or gluten-free delectables like cauliflower gluten-free crust. This waterfront location is sure to have something for everyone.

At number two, NYPD Pizza Lake Cay is one of the pizza spots you must try in central Florida. Authentic New York-style pizza is still a possibility even if in central Florida. Situated in the central business district and 1.6 miles from Seaworld, this spot attracts many hungry day-trippers. Low prices and good food are a guarantee.

Last, but not least, sitting at number one, is NYPD Pizza, again (sort of). This Metro West location unsurprisingly rests atop the list. Reviews stating that the “best pizza anywhere” is created there is just one example of its many earned customer praises.

While there is much to do in central Florida, food is one of those things that are non-negotiable. It may as well be yummy while in the process. Pizza spots that you must try in central Florida no longer have to be a brain-crushing thought. We have gathered the list for you. From traditional Italian dishes to family trade secrets; from ambitious college students’ tastebuds to authentic New York-style pies, a pizza made for every person can be found on this list.

Whenever you are in a close radius, be sure to think of the top 5 pizza spots that you have to stop in and try in central Florida. All located reasonably close to your favorite hangout spots, it will only be a short trip to experience not only great food but a great dining experience as well. Maybe you can try one, some, or even all of the restaurants. With a five-star list such as this one, there is no way to go wrong.